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A Supernatural blog starring our three favorite freedom fighters (and, of course, occasional guest-stars). Team Free Will is all too willing to answer any questions you might have... so have at it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mar 20 '13


Mod: So, I thought I’d reblog this, since I haven’t updated this blog in ages. :P 

And just so everyone’s aware, I probably won’t be updating this blog anymore. I thought I’d be able to, but I’ve just been too busy, and I’m having a lot of fun with some of my other blogs to be honest. I think askteamfreewilling has officially run it’s course. 

So THANK YOU ALL for being such incredible followers, it’s been amazing!

If you’d like to continue following my work, check my links and you can see some of the other projects/blogs I’ve been working on, including the one above, “Ask Supernatural Kids”. I’d love to continue drawing for you guys, so I hope you’ll hang around. :) 

Mar 10 '13

Mod: The video of the week. :D Superlock!!! GAH! Ok, this one starts out slow, but once you get into it a bit, it’s brilliant. Check out the awesome work of OMNJJ134.

did you see the devil that night | superlock (by OMNJJ134)

Mar 3 '13

Mod: Dear SPN writers, bring back Meg. Sincerely Mod. 

This video. Seriously. It does things too me… in all the right ways. :) Here’s some Megstiel for everyone by MadDanceOfLove. 

Cas & Meg - Supernatural - kiss my eyes… (by MadDanceOfLove)

And if anyone’s looking for a little extra Megstiel today, have at it.

Feb 24 '13

Mod: And the video of the week is… SUPERWHOLOCK!!! :D I ship this so hard.

SuperWhoLock | Miles from where you are (by MsLyraGW)

Feb 17 '13

Mod: This is a short one, but I LOVE this video… and Radioactive is one of my all time favorite Imagine Dragons songs.

Fun fact: my cousin and his wife used to be the drummer and keyboardist for Imagine Dragons when they first started out.

Not fun fact: They left the band a few months before they hit it big (for school related reasons). *sighs miserably* Man. Still makes me cringe.

Supernatural | Radioactive (Preview?) (by xKiiwiKiara)

Also, here’s a little extra Radioactive vid I found, Dean centered. 

Feb 10 '13

Mod: An excellent video of the week! Holy Hell, I love good editing. These superwho,  superlock and superwholock videos make me want to vomit rainbows. Watch the amazing work of MissLyraGW… WATCH IT!!! 

SuperWho • I need a Doctor (by MissLyraGW)

Feb 3 '13

Mod: The video of the week. Yes, it’s Dean/Jo… because Dean/Jo… or Jean… does stuff to me. I miss that girl so much! :( 

SPN - So Cold [Dean & Jo] (by lucaszd88)

Jan 27 '13

Mod: ANGST, ANGST, ANGST!!! Brother feels and stuff. Love it! Video of the week, watch the awesomeness guys! :D 

Sam Winchester | I’m tired of being what you want me to be (by FatedCinderella84)

Jan 27 '13

Fourth in my “Siblings” series: Dean and Sam Winchester. 

Mod: From my other account, because I thought you guys would like it. :)


Fourth in my “Siblings” series: Dean and Sam Winchester. 

Mod: From my other account, because I thought you guys would like it. :)

Jan 26 '13

Mod: Here’s one of my favorite asks from Ask SPN Kids, and since Sam/Jess week was this last week, I thought I’d post it here. :)  

Jan 26 '13

LARP and the Real Girl!

Mod: In light of the recent LARPing episode of Supernatural, I thought I’d mention a movie that came out a little while ago. :) 


Unicorn City: Starring our very own psycho, Martin (Jon Gries), as the villain. 



The reason I mention this is because 1) It’s a great movie, 2) It’s streaming on Netflix, and 3) I was involved in the making of this film (Pre-production and behind the scenes work).

I’d really appreciate it if you, my dear followers, would check it out and let me know what you think. :)  

Jan 20 '13

Mod: Here’s our video of the week with Sammy! A younger Winchester tribute by doode25. WATCH IT! :D

"It’s always darkest before the dawn.." | Sam Winchester (by doode25)

Jan 18 '13

Mod: Um… so, just saw this today and I’m feeling a bit faint.

Guys, that’s Kim Rhodes… and the post she’s responding to is my “shipping" post… Holy crap. 

I don’t exactly know who the person is that tweeted my art to Kim, but thanks? I’m kind of freaking out right now. :)  

Jan 13 '13

Mod: Vid of the week! :) A tribute to the girls of Supernatural by thewinchestergospel. The girls don’t get a lot of love, so this is awesome!

The Women of Supernatural (by thewinchestergospel)

Jan 6 '13

Mod: Vid of the week! I don’t know why I like this one so much. The song fits the brothers well (I love Linkin Park), and the clips are full of brother-fighting and angst. *shrugs* Kinky? Maybe.

Check it out! ;) 

Faint | Sam&Dean (by MsLyraGW)